The Carter Brothers

Just one block from the Boutique,
on the corner of Royal and St. Ann,
is the former home of the notorious
Carter Brothers.  In the early 1930s
they tormented the Quarter with their
thirst for blood.  

A nine year old girl was reportedly
enticed into their home in 1932, tied
to a chair, and feasted on by the brothers
repeatedly for three nights.  She was able to escape, and tell her story to the local
authorities.  When the authorities entered the Carter's home, they were absent.   

However, the authorities did find four additional victims who were also tied to
chairs, and had had their wrists cut, just like the little girl had.  Apparently the
brothers let blood from each victim's wrist into a chalice, from which they then
each drank.

The brothers, where tried and convicted and executed in 1936.  However, two
men fitting their description, have been sighted many times in the home, and
reported as intruders.