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Elixir - St. Germaine's Snake Oil - Long Life Liniment

$ 12.00

Step right up, step right up! 

In the tradition of the great snake oil salesman, Clark Stanley, we present to you St. Germaine's Snake Oil - Long Life Liniment! Good for everything a liniment ought to be good for.

There is much mystery surrounding Count St. Germaine, but one thing we do know is that he was a very accomplished alchemist. Lucky for us, one of his assistants memorized the formula for the Long Life Liniment.

St. Germaine's Snake Oil - Long Life Liniment relieves rheumatism, neuralgia, headache, sciatica, backache, heartache, lumbago... the list goes on.

Safe on skin, but remember folks, only use externally. 

Each 2oz bottle is sealed in wax and stamped with a snake of course. Perfect for any cabinet of curiosities.