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Necklace - Chain Maille Twilight

$ 150.00

Chain Maille necklace made by local artist Debo. This necklace was originally created for the final Twilight Saga film, Breaking Dawn Part II.  Worn by Garrett, the New Orleans Vampire.

Each necklace is hand crafted by artist Debo

Artist Bio:

Immersed in the street punk scene at 15 years old, I turned to my craft to survive. "I wouldn't panhandle or hustle like the other kids, I was sitting in the park making jewelry to sell instead. It was like my meditation. I was creating art out of hardware and things I would find. I began to really focus on my art when my career as a industrial painter started to affect my health, leaving me unable to work in the field. My art/jewelry really took off after I had a necklace design of mine featured in 'Twilight' Breaking Dawn II. I have also crafted items such as guitar straps, belts, necklaces, bracelets, and wallet chains for bands like Mastodon, Goatwhore, Leftover Crack, Dr. Know, Battalion of Saints, Poppa Roach, as well as smaller acts like The Pallbearers and Act of Sabotage. All of which exemplify the originality of my work. My work also include jewelry designs for men and women, including copper, steel, and brass pieces to spice up everyday wear or beauty suited for a punk rock princess. I love hand crafting amazing pieces of jewelry but my focus is skull art. I incorporate my chain maille craft with my skull art Using everyday items as well. I use only real animal skulls and bones and I acquire all my material from hunters and professional taxidermists. I also create art with up-cycled license plates for fun. I have been creating unique items using up-cycled license plates since 2009 and love what I do! I hunt down real license plates from scrap yards and collectors, cut them up by hand, and create art out of them.
David -Debo- Herb