Necklace - Pendant - Silver Bullet

$ 350.00

Created for us by artist Thomas C. Dailing, these spectacular silver bullets can be easily removed from the casing and used against a werewolf.  They are 97% Sterling Silver.

We are so fortune to have Thomas as our jeweler.  Just a few of his accomplishments include:

A pendant, called The Nautilus, which is in The Smithsonian Institution's Gem Collection.

Over 60 professional jewelry designing awards.

On the cover of 17 National Jewelry magazines.

Voted third favorite jewelry designer in the nation, twice.

Recognized last year in Moscow as one of the best jewelry designers in the world.

These exquisite silver bullets are each created individually, so each one is a little unique. They are easily removed from the elegant casing for quick use.Our website address in engraved in the top so we can be contacted if necessary.