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Hand Crafted Ink

$ 30.00

Now carrying handmade ink by local artist Thomas Little. Our ink is crated just for the boutique using Blood Wood. Made from iron that was repurposed from a melted down Smith & Wesson gun, it features iron and natural plants. A blast from the past - you must break the top off glass to open the container and pour it into your ink well. For all those vampires that miss the olde days.

Thomas Little is an amateur ink historian and illustrator who explores mystic and scientific concepts through the lens of ink and our relationship to mark making.  He gathers threads from alchemical imagery, chemical phenomena, and mystic observations to incorporate them into a holistic synthesis theory of art-science-magic.  The natural world informs his work with ink, not only the materials used, but the relationships ex8pressed between plant, animal, and elements

This ink is made with floral psychopomps and herbal dream guides, herbs of bitterness and regret and grief.  It is the water of the Sanzu and the Lethe, stained black with memories abandoned by the dead.  In its water, our ghosts swim.  It is a variation on a recipe 900 years old, made with iron from a weapon dissolved in acid to form green vitriol, which is then mixed with herbs to form ink.