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Vampire Mystery Package

$ 25.00

Who doesn't love a good mystery!


Pick the blood type you desire (amount you'd like to spend).  Leave the rest to us.


We've wrapped up some fun items to surprise you with.  Our promise - you'll love it, and feel like you got a bang for your buck!

The only difference between Blood Types is how much cool vampire stuff you want.  The higher the price - the more stuff you get!  V"V

Goth Girl is themed toward girls who love Gothic stuff.

NOLA box is themed with New Orleans artist created items - not just vampire - for those folks who miss the city.

If you've ever wondered if you can trust a vampire - here's your chance to find out.

Straight from our coffin at Boutique du Vampyre.

Now every Mystery package over $65 includes Thibodeaux the Mystery Bat.  You can replace the small scent pouch through the flap in his back. His little feet can be tied to a branch, or any small pole, so he can hang upside down, as he is known to enjoy. Thibodeaux is not available on line, or in store. He is our special Mystery Package Bat.

FYI, Mystery packages with wine are in Vampire Adventure section of our website.  Or click here Vampire Mystery Package With Vampire Winel

Just Look What people are saying:

Liz Faulkenbury - I received my package yesterday and it could not have been more perfect!! It was the perfect mix of items to "darken" my day!

 Lynn Barrett Lytle - I got mine and I absolutely love it!

Ben N. - I absolutely love every items! Thank you so much!

Kristi H. - Hello, there! Just saying I got my $15 gift box in the mail and loved everything in it, including the signed book. Thank you! I was even thinking of having the map you sent with it framed. I go to your store most times I visit NOLA.

Harley1277 (Tripadvisor) - Just recently I ordered the $30 Mystery Box. Love the concrete grotesque and the signed book. Plus all the other items. They staff are awesome and they ship packages quick.