Vampire Mystery Package

$ 25.00

Who doesn't love a good mystery!


Pick the blood type you desire (amount you'd like to spend).  Leave the rest to us


  • You'll get a bang for your buck!
  • The only difference between Blood Types is how much cool vampire stuff you want.  The higher the price - the more stuff you get!  V"V
  • If you've ever wondered if you can trust a vampire - here's your chance to find out.
  • Now every Mystery package over $65 includes Thibodeaux the Mystery Bat.  

Just Look What people are saying:

Liz Faulkenbury - I received my package yesterday and it could not have been more perfect!! It was the perfect mix of items to "darken" my day!

 Lynn Barrett Lytle - I got mine and I absolutely love it!

Ben N. - I absolutely love every items! Thank you so much!

Kristi H. - Hello, there! Just saying I got my $15 gift box in the mail and loved everything in it, including the signed book. Thank you! I was even thinking of having the map you sent with it framed. I go to your store most times I visit NOLA.

Harley1277 (Tripadvisor) - Just recently I ordered the $30 Mystery Box. Love the concrete grotesque and the signed book. Plus all the other items. They staff are awesome and they ship packages quick.