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Amber Resin Brass Charm Pendant

$ 40.00

Amber Resin from the Himalayas has an intoxicating spicy-sweet aroma.  Its calming, yet uplifting fragrance helps to balance the body, mind & soul.  

Boxed in a beautiful brass charm, it's the perfect accessory to wear..

Wear to attract the one you love or simply to create an inner sense of harmony

Will never lose its scent! 

Cord and charm included.  Charm measures 3/8”.  Cord measures 32”

Amber Aromatherapy uses amber as the main ingredient. It is frequently practiced in Eastern Europe, using natural stones from the Baltic coast.

The amber stone has a history of over 50 million years as a natural medicine, extremely valuable in curing illnesses, pains, complaints and disorders. Its listing as top of the six most effective natural medicines goes way back to the year 1193. During the Middle Ages, amber aromatherapy cured and saved a significant number of people from death, including from the bubonic plague. Europeans were among the first to recognize and credit amber's miraculous benefits for both mental and physical well being. 

 Amber has a warm and exotic fragrance and when heated it fills the entire room with a subtle euphoric aroma, recognized for calming and relaxing effects.