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Psychic Readings: Tarot, Palm, and Tea Leaf

$ 40.00

Thank you for your interest in a psychic reading.  We will contact you to set up a phone reading for your earliest convenience.  Zoom readings are also now available.  Just place your order, and we will contact you.  Or to receive more information before placing an order, just e-mail us at boutiqueduvampyre@gmail.com

Boutique du Vampyre Reader - Nancy Ruck

Astrology looks at your past, present, and future, using the positions of the planets and stars. Nancy has studied and practiced astrology since she was eighteen [or for almost forty years].

A reading might include looking into what your birth chart says about your character and your fate, what the current influences of astral bodies are, and how they have affected your past. A personal reading can include answers to your specific questions, something a computer reading cannot do, and relies on a mix of science and intuition.

Special readings include synastry, often called couple’s readings, look at the ways in which two people’s charts touch, how they interact, including where they are compatible or incompatible. They can be done between any two charts, and are often also done for parent-child relationships or roommates.

Nancy also does a five year reading that looks farther into your future, using predictive techniques that are best for long term trends. [ you can use a number other than five. This one requires about 30-40 minutes at least over the phone or in person]

*Please note that readings are for entertainment purposes only, not to be misinterpreted as psychiatric help.