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Welcome to Boutique du Vampyre

The Vampyre Library Book Club

$ 35.00

Welcome to The Vampyre Library Book Club

Join me, The Vampyre Librarian, Steven Foley, as I introduce you to vampire literature that vampires and vampire affectionatos are bound to devour.  Please make sure to join Boutique du Vampyre's Group: The Vampyre Library Book Club 


Each month we will announce the featured book with a brief video on facebook with an introduction from the author. 

Our library features signed copies of the book on our special Vampyre Library book plates.  Each book will also come with fun specials - so stay tuned monthly as it will very.  

At the end of the month we will host an hour interview with the author, along with reader interaction through questions and comments.

December's selection Chris Defazio with A History in Blood

Two Options available:

Book Bundle includes A History in Blood and Just Plain Blood (book one and two in the Trilogy), signed on Vampyre Library book plates and a Boutique du Vampyre book bag. $36                                                                                                   

Book Box includes A History in Blood signed on Vampyre LIbrary  book plate, a Dracula Skeleton Talisman with a miniture copy of A History in Blood and lots of other goodies. $50.00

 "Sometimes being a vampire isn't all it's cracked up to be".

"Think paranormal literature and excellent storytelling doesn’t exist? Well, it does now!"--Natasza Waters, InD'Tale Magazine

Julian Brownell, a two thousand-year-old vampire, thought depression and divorce in his banal, pretend-human life were bad enough. But when he decides to burst back onto the vampire scene, things go from bad to worse as he finds himself firmly in the sights of the deadliest vampire hunter of all time.

A History in Blood (2014 RONE Award Nominee) depicts a world where vampire culture and politics reside peacefully, and for the most, undetected beside the human world. It's a secretive and more dangerous culture for sure but counterpointed by everyday issues and problems that vampires have to deal with, just like their human prey. Against this backdrop, and with a healthy dose of humor, the story follows Titus Acilius (aka Julian Brownell, aka Christian Beauparlant) on his journey from Boston to New Orleans to Montreal to protect the people he loves from harm even as he searches for the answers to his ancient-life crisis.