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Relax in the mystical atmosphere of our French Quarter courtyard, and enjoy an insightful reading by one of our in-house tarot, tea, and palm readers.

15 mins: $40

30 mins: $60

60 mins: $100 

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Born in England and raised in Australia, Celeste is thrilled to have called New Orleans home since 2012. Fascinated by vampires, the occult, and all things magickal from a young age she began exploring witchcraft and tarot in her early teens. She started reading professionally at the age of 19, and has worked all around the world offering intuitive healing sessions to celebrities, spiritual seekers, and skeptics alike. Her practice draws on Western occult traditions, theology and philosophy (in which she holds a Bachelors degree), and the wisdom of her Eastern European ancestors who taught her tea leaves, palmistry, and other folk magick. With over 15 years experience as a professional intuitive reader and practicing occultist, Celeste divides her time between witchy practices, cat wrangling, and her “other day job” as a poet, writer, and editor. She’s a diehard fan of 80s and 90s horror, and forever intrigued by the overlap between fiction and reality.

Friday: 2pm-7pm

Sunday: 2pm-7pm

Monday: 2pm-7pm 




Rhonda Michele describes herself as, “a conduit between the invisible and the visible worlds. A vessel." She is a trained spiritualist, and considered a Medium by others. She has practiced divination for 30 years, and her tools for divination are Tarot, Tea leaves/Turkish coffee and palm reading. A reading with Rhonda Michele is a truly unique, sacred experience. She is a practitioner of the healings arts and has been 15 for years. TransCrystal Therapy, Reiki, Polarity, and sound. “There are moments when spirit just speaks. So I communicate what I receive. I stand in integrity in my practice."

Tuesday: 11am-3pm

Wednesday: 5pm-9pm

Thursday: 12pm-4pm



Evaine is a hearth and home witch with over ten years of experience in divination, natural healing, and magical care of the home and personal spaces. She offers tarot, astrology, and numerology readings, and practical witchy advice on how to keep your home in top magical shape. This includes managing spirits and magical, intruding beasties.


*Please note that readings are for entertainment purposes only, not to be misinterpreted as psychiatric help.