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Necklace -Pendant Pirate

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These one-of-a-kind Pirate Pendants represent the New Orleans Barataria Swamps.  Pirates who haunt the swamps keeping with them what jewels they were able to salvage from sunken ships.

Each one comes with a little background story, explaining the artist's inspiration for each creation. Crafted by Marita Crandle,

Pendants are approximately 5" long.

Horathio - Holding his looking glass, he will never give up looking for his lost ship.  He may have gone down with the ship, but he is determined to reunite with his vessel one way or another.   He has no idea a little gator long ago collected Horathio's treasure and endlessly swims through the swamps adorned with the treasure Horathio  seeks.

Swamp Thing - This little gator stumbled across the lost treasure of Horathio the Great. Horathio went down with his ship, and continues to look for his treasure in the afterlife, unaware that a little thief dressed himself with jewels and swims the swamps with the key Horathio searches for. 

Captain Oscar - A fearsome pirate, Oscar sailed the South Seas, burying his treasure along the way.  However, the lion's share of his treasure over the centuries was pillaged, leaving Captain Oscar irate.  He will stop at nothing for revenge to those who stole from him.  He wants his treasure back.