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Stained glass - Magical Fall Leaf

$ 45.00

Our Magical Fall Leaves are created by artist Sarah Segovia.  Bring the magic of Fall into your home.

Leaf is 6" tall.  Each leaf is unique.  Their intricate design is thoughtfully crafted into fine artwork.

You start to feel it when the outside air turns to room temperature, and a smooth breeze passes you and kicks up a leaf. That magical feeling that fall is on it's way. It's orange and browns, rusts and ambers that somehow smell of cinnamon and pumpkin spice. Sweaters start to find their way to the front of your closet and flavored herbal teas move to counter tops. The season that brings cozy nights, creative days, and magical thoughts. Because that leaf that hovers in the wind and finds it's way to your doorstep, is nature's telegram that Halloween season is here.

It's time to hang your fall leaf in your window. Let it reflect nature's message and signal the magic of Halloween into your home.