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Memoires of a Mad Vampire, by Madame Elisandrya De Sade

$ 19.00

One can almost hear the whispers in the dark, and the howling of ancient wolves as they seek their respite between the pages of Madame''''s magical novel. "Mémoires Of A Mad Vampire" is a semi-autobiographical novel based on the life and experience of the author, Madame Elisandrya De Sade. Spanning several continents and centuries, the work reads like fiction, yet for those that know her well, the question remains clear... Just how much is fact, versus fiction? Intriguing, stimulating, exotic, and taboo, the book''''s many chapters often begin with poetry or prose, further stirring the reader''''s imagination to take part in what has proven to be an awe-inspiring journey through eras past.

Memoirs of a Mad Vampire by Madame Elisandrya De Sade