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Vampire Lesson Boxes

$ 65.00

Learn the lessons vampires have learned over centuries.  The sooner you start - the better!  Learn the lessons of patience, gratitude, gift giving, how to build wealth, and much more.

Everyone should be gifted a Lesson box in their youth, so the box can grow with them.  But the sooner you start the more rewards you will reap.  

Each box is one of a kind, and can be willed to someone at the end of your lifetime.  These lesson boxes are totally unique and made by our vampire assistants so each is one of a kind.  

Each box contains:

A welcome letter, votive candle, sealing wax, anniversary letter, Lessons of a lifetime.

If you have already received a box and need to register it, please contact us at:


5 of 5 starsReviewed February 7, 2015
This is by far the most unique and interesting store in NOLA. I am a huge fan of their Lesson Box. When you purchase a lesson box you are truly purchasing a life lesson that will benefit you for the rest of your days. The boxes are lovely and mysterious. When you open the box there is two letters and some small treasures. The first letter is to be read once you open the box. This letter tells you what lesson you need to learn and what to do to get started on learning it. The second letter is not to be opened until your one year anniversary date of the purchase of the Lesson Box. It is very important to wait the full year as the second letter is very special and personal. If you want to have a lot of fun as well as learn a valuable lesson I highly recommend you purchase your own special Lesson Box. You will not regret this unique and valuable experience.

Camille H
Visited March 2014