Fang Case

$ 12.00

A must have accessory to keep your fangs safe.

Keep your fangs protected in this handy case with mirror (vampires will not need that feature)

The contact lense style case marks your left and right fang, so there's no guessing.  

Did you know....most fangs are disposed of while out at dinner.  No!  Not by biting a victim- the other kind of dinner.  When fangs are out of your mouth, and innocently resting next to your wine glass on a napkin, waiting for you to finish your meal....those darn efficient waiters come by.  Fangs unfortunately look like something a waiter wants to throw away to keep the table clean for you.  That's right, waiters are slick -and fast!  They sneak them right off the table. $150+ gone in seconds.

Don't let that happen to you.  Keep your fang case handy! What's a vampire without their fangs?

 (Stained glass fangs not included) V"V