The Jewelry Case

Our fine collection of Gothic jewelry is handcrafted for us by the most talented artists from across the country.
Alchemy Gothic Alchemy of England amber angel heart ring Angel heart ring anklet armor necklace bat earrings bat enamel pin bat jewelry bat moon necklace bat necklace bat pin Bella blood veil bloody bones necklace bloody butcher knife bracelet Braclet butcher knife butcher knife necklace cameo cameo necklace casket ring chain maille chain maille choker chain maille necklace choker coffin pin coffin ring corset necklace creepy cameo crescent moon Cupcake cupcake pendants cupcakes Debrah Petronio doll eyeballs Dracula bracelet earrings elegant vampire necklace Elvira enamel pin eyeball jewelry eyeball necklace fang necklace Fluer de lis anklet fork fork bracelets forkmeister Frankenstein gift certificate goth earrings gothic gothic chain maille gothic rings hand crafted hand made handcrafted handmade heart pendant herb Hollywood Monsters jewelry Lace lace earrings magic chain magnetic anklet magnetic bracelet magnetic chain magnetic choker midnight love heart pendant Monster jewelry moon moon jewelry moon necklace necklace New Orleans Anklets New Orleans cupcake new orleans gift certificates new orleans skeleton new orleans valentines day official angel heart ring Poison rings protection from vampires raven enamel pin raven pin red angel heart ring Silver Bullet silver bullet pendant silver chain maille skeleton heart pendant skeleton jewelry sketon hand jewelry stand spider web sterling silver voodoo doll pendants straight outta the coffin Swarowski crystal anklets Sweet Midnight The Adams Family The Munsters time piece pendants tru blood true blood Twilight Twilight neklace v blood valentines day vampire bat earrings vampire bite bracelet vampire blood vampire bracelet vampire charm bracelet vampire cupcake pendants vampire earrings vampire fangs vampire gifts vampire mouth bracelet vampire necklace vampire valentine Venetian Lace venetian lace earrings vervain vintage time pieces Voodoo voodoo doll charms Voodoo doll pendants voodoo earrings werewolf bullet zombie