Custom Fangs by Maven

$ 40.00

Happy Bitting!!!

Fangs are made in the fang studio above our shop, Boutique du Vampyre located in New Orleans, Louisiana by appointment only.  Please call or email us to schedule an appointment. Appointments take about 30 minutes per set to make and fit, so you will leave with your new fangs in!  We offer little cases in the shop for purchase to keep them clean and protected.  

These very realistic, high quality fangs will last for many years if you take care of them!

Call 504-561-8267 or 

Photos below show each set.  A deposit is required to hold your appointment, you will pay for that below.  The appointment is in person at our shop located at 709 St. Ann Street in New Orleans, LA.  Single sets are $30 deposit, double sets are $60 deposit and triple sets are $90.  *Please note OCTOBER prices single sets are $40 deposit, double sets are $80 deposit and triple sets are $120 deposit.  This deposit will go towards the balance of the fangs which will be paid to Maven at the actual fang appointment.  

Classic Canine Set - $200 (single set)

Trueblood Set - $200 (single set)

Demonic Reptile - $350 (single set)

Daywalker Set - $350 (double set)

Cat Set - $350 (double set)

Interview Set - $500 (triple set)

Akasha Set - $500 (triple set)

Customers are loving them -

"Fangs are GREAT.  They fit amazing and nice work as always! Just wanted to say Thanks Again!"  Lauren.

These fine quality, realistic Vampire Fangs are custom created using quality dental equipment, and color matched to your own teeth to enhance your Vampiric look.

V-V  Ask us about Custom fangs in the mail!  V-V

If you can't be in New Orleans we are now offering fangs by mail.  Purchase a kit to make a mold of your teeth, once received make the mold.  Send it in and Maven will make the fangs to fit the mold, they are then sent back to you.  

Once you have ordered your fangs, you will be put into direct contact with the fangsmith, Maven, who will guide you through the process.  There will be an additional fee of $30 for the mold of your teeth - that you will order separately.