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Welcome to Boutique du Vampyre
At Boutique du Vampyre there is something for everyone and something to stimulate all five of your senses. If you can’t find what you are looking for, call us! Our vampire staff is very high tech.  xo

Lia moved to New Orleans from NYC in March of 2016 with an extensive background in fashion and retail. “New Orleans called to me and I could not resist its magical charm.” She joined the Boutique du Vampyre team in January of 2017. Her happiest days are rainy days spent sewing, crafting and painting. As an adolescent, she became interested in vampires after reading Anne Rice novels and her favorite movie is Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  She has always been drawn to the darker things in life but also enjoys wine, cats and gardening. As an avid crafter, she makes many of the products for the shop. And designs her own line of jewelry.

Before her arrival in New Orleans April spent many years traveling the world, seeing magical sights and learning the ways of lost cultures. She has witnessed the sun set three times in one day at the Never Summer Mountains; has swam through the entrance of the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave in order to find the desiccated remains of a Mayan Priestess; has led divers through underwater canyons in the Pacific, and watched the sun rise on lava falling into the ocean.

One January day while exploring the streets of the French quarter, she came upon a little shop with a red door and a small notice that read, "Help Wanted! Vampire's Assistant". She opened the door and stepped inside...
April loves telling guests the stories behind our unique items, from recounting the Jivaro tribe's methods for shrinking heads to the sordid past of poison rings.








  In 2017 after years of visiting, Kim finally packed up her two little monsters and left New York for New Orleans. Once settled in her new home in the French Quarter, she needed work. Just a few blocks away, Boutique du Vampyre needed someone to do all of the things she loves to do. So from then on she spends her days painting and sewing, melting and molding, dreaming, developing new products, and learning new crafts all the time. When not at the shop, she loves bartending at a secret vampire speakeasy, working on her own clothes and furniture, being a library nerd, watching horror movies, listening to rockabilly and satan metal, and drinking bloody marys.













Tory was born in the middle of the sea, raised in the desert, and entranced by the swamp. In her endless exploration, she’s climbed glaciers in New Zealand, visited the oracle at Delphi, and hunted vampires in Transylvania. She moved to New Orleans in January of 2018 and started working at Boutique du Vampyre in February. Tory loves making vampire lesson boxes and candles, as well as sharing all of her expanding knowledge of the city and its legends.Tory has loved vampire stories since she was young and is a fan of many famous vampires, from Lestat to Marceline to Dracula. However, her true love is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and she’s been known to have many in-depth conversations about her ever-changing preference for Spike or Angel (depending on the season). When she’s not working or watching Buffy, she enjoys reading, wielding her god-weapon (AKA her cat Mjölnir), and eating every oyster she can get her hands on.